Hank Easton
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Fan Mail
Name:David Atherton
Comments: Hank Easton must be one of San Diegoe's best kept secrets. An accomplished guitarist, he is, more particularly, a sensitive and imaginative songwriter, witness his introspective, Wonder-esque "When You Tell Me, I Love You" to the beautifully evocative lyrics and melodies in "This Song". A wide ranging musician, he is equally at home on many instruments, a good example being his imaginative riffs on "Coming Home" and the considerable chops he displays on guitars and bass in the multi-tracked version of "El Nino". However, it is his songwriting skills which leave the most lasting impression, in particular the deeply personal sensitivity and conviction behind "Little One" – I could imagine a rendition by Alison Krauss and Jerry Douglas – sheer bliss.

David Atherton
Founder & Artistic Director Mainly Mozart Festival
Multi award winning conductor has held titled positions with:
BBC Synphony Orchestra,
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic,
BBC National Orchestra of Wales,
Hong Kong Philharmonic

Name: Dave Darlington
Comments: Hank Easton is a remarkably gifted guitarist with a natural command of his instrument and a wonderful palette of rich tones. His songwriting and performing is honest, clever, and inventive, and his guitar work in tandem with his soulful vocal delivery creates music that will take him far and make him a lot of fans around the world.

Dave Darlington
Multiple Grammy-winning Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, and EM Contributor
Bass Hit Recording, New York, NY

Name:Mike Hutchison
Comments: I've had the great pleasure of working with Mr. Easton at several venues over the last 18 years, most notably my current tenure here at Humphrey's. I’ve been fortunate in the fourteen years I've worked here to have heard and seen some of the finest guitar players/musicians in the world, such as Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, George Benson and Buddy Guy, just to name a few. Having said this, I would be hard-pressed to not elect to see Mr. Easton perform as opposed to any of the above-mentioned performers if they were scheduled to perform the same date at different locations.

Mr. Easton is a very impassioned player that never fails to inspire. Jazz, rock, fusion, classical… He is equally adept in all genres. Quite simply, he is a special player that doesn’t come along very often. On top of it all, he is a class act and a true gentleman.

Mike Hutchison
Director of Food & Beverage
Humphrey's By The Bay
Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
San Diego, California

Name: Eleanor A. Roth
Comments: As a former principal violinist with several symphony orchestras, including the San Diego Symphony, I can attest to the fact that Hank Easton is a formidable talent on both acoustic and electric guitars. It is a joy to watch him perform live, whether he's playing a gentle solo gig at a wine bar or on stage with The Steely Damned where he steals the show with his spot-on renditions and improvisations on Walter Becker's great guitar solos. With his own fusion band, the excellent Hank Easton Group, he displays his appealing personality as a talented performer and front man. He is a prolific composer who is comfortable writing and playing in many different styles, something which becomes very evident while listening to his three recent CDs, each with its own distinctive content. Hank is one of the best guitarists in San Diego and I would urge anyone to visit his website and check out one of his gigs or CDs as soon as possible. I certainly plan to.

Eleanor A. Roth
San Diego, California

Name: Jim Spencer
Comments: I'm a Steely Dan fan and a guitarist, and I have to tell you that your montage of those Carlton/Graydon/Baxter, etc. solos is one of the best things I've seen/heard in years!

It's just excellent, and the only problem is that I, like quite a few guitarists no doubt, can play most of those solos 'pretty close/ fairly well', but after seeing you just nail every little nuance, passing note and sprinkle of pixie dust that's in every one of them, I've got to go back and start tightening up on them one at a time! (Plus, almost every one of them has at least one little 'peak' section that you can sort of flail through and kid yourself that you're playing the thing...)(!)

If you ever do any kind of instructional breakdown of them I'll buy one in a minute!

Anyway...Thank you for the inspiration/kick in the rear!

Name:Randy Reichardt
Comments: Hank: I was in the crowd on Friday night at LBB. I've been playing guitar for 34 years. I was beyond astonished at your playing. I kept picking my jaw up from the floor. I know SD's music well, and know those guitar solos by heart, but not how to play them. I can't tell you which one impressed me the most, but I have to say, My Old School was superb. I listened intensely, note for note, and it was brilliant. Hell, all your solos were brilliant.

I'm afraid to ask, but how have you been able to transcribe those solos so accurately, never mind actually playing them, as well as recreating the right guitar sound and tone?

I've often said after seeing a great guitarist that I want to come home and cut off my hands. After I saw you, I think my arms might be more appropriate.

Take care, you are gaining legions of astonished fans.

Name:W1P from Las Vegas, NV
Comments: So about an hour into the first time I ever saw the Damned (9/99 in San Diego), my wife turns to me and says "Honey, this is the best tribute band I've ever seen." Now keep in mind that I manage what I think is one of the best tribute bands in the world so I was a little taken back. But that's a measure of how good The Steely Damned is.

Well throw it all out the window. As good as they were in September, they were just way beyond it last night. I was exhausted (angel, a shorter list would have been the songs they didn't play). Just one great rendition after another. Cynical New Yorkers standing with arms folded requesting obscure cuts and getting them stuffed right between the eyes. Hey, I'm joining the Hank Easton cult by the way -- I'm shaving my head, quitting the law and I'm freaking going on the road and following him to Heaven's Gate (and, although he denied it, toward the end of Night by Night, he threw in the "bend" from Young Lust and I know he did it just to twist my melon). Seriously, if you sent these dudes on the road as the Surrogate Dan ("Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel . . . ."), once you got past the naysayers and into the music I don't think there would be any complaints.

Thanks again to all of you.

Name:Thelonious from Mondo, Montana
Comments: Has Walter ever seen Hank Easton play? Give the kid a shot.

Comments: Most of those 4 hours were spent with W1P and Ole front and center dancing my head off. I had 1 drink before the band went on and that was it. So being drunk on anything was not what I was. The music, now THAT is what I was high on. Hank Easton, I am definitely joining your fan club. That man just smokes when he plays guitar. Being right in front of him and the others, was just a dream come true. I would never have gotten so close to Donald, Walter, or any of their performers at a SD concert. Hope you get to play in L.A. later on in the year. Will definitly be there.


Name:Thelonious from Mondo, Montana
Comments:On Hank: I've seen about 7 shows for each of the '93, '96, and '00 tours and I watched my TVN DVD on the flight home. There's no denying the unmatched brilliance of the originals, however, Hank Easton is not just a copy-cat guitarist. He nails the core lines and flies freely and brilliantly on his own with great technique. His embellishments on the traditional Dan leads and absolute mastery of his instrument was one of the major highlights of the show for me. He definitely rates right up there with Zing, my favorite live Dan guitar player and I have no doubt he could bring enough of his own unique brand of playing to be worthy of the job should the opportunity arise.

Name:PrairieBoy from Edmonton, AB Canada
Comments: Yow...ok, I'm officially visiting the GB! I am still buzzed from the LBB shows, and Hank Easton's (The Steely Damned) guitar playing, which is still making me weep.

Love to everyone - Randy

Name:Randy from edmonton
Comments: I travelled from Edmonton to NYC for this event. TSD kicked serious ass. Hank Easton's playing was beyond astounding. Does this guy sweat under pressure? Talk about cool.

– Randy (Lovin' NYC) Reichardt

Name:Beast w/o A Date from Patchogue
Comments: Oh... the pain of a hangover.. That's the last time I eat a fuckin chocolate sufflee' at 2am... never again.

Steely Damned are just too damned good for their own good.

Eerily accurate is an understatement...I like how the guitar solos are note perfect in terms of delivery, technique.. then once the traditional solos are complete.. there's room for a little improv.. I think you need that with a band like that..

Kings sounded brilliant.

Name:Mel Miller from San Diego
Comments: Hank: It is great news that we will be able to see/hear you on more than the Steely Damned gigs. I've told you in person several times but I'll say it again. Hearing you play is one of the joys of living in SD.

At a break in the Damned show several months ago, I mentioned what a joy it is to see the Steely Damned play. Peggy was among the listeners and she said "It's just great being up there beside Hank and hearing him play every night." When you hear a completely of the cuff remark from another member of the group, it shows how much they think of your skills.

Looking forward to hearing you play some "new" things. Best wishes.