Hank Easton
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Snapshots Nylon & Steel 11

Snapshots features 12 tracks of Easton's outstanding soft rock/pop vocal productions. A gifted songwriter, Easton's moving lyrics and beautiful melodies will linger in your memory. The album has been described as "sheer bliss."

These songs express a rare personal depth and sincerity. Some of the highlights include: "When You Tell Me 'I Love You'," the delightful "This Song," and the evocative ode to imminent fatherhood, "Little One." Also included are the fully produced and unplugged versions of Easton's pop-jazz standard "Show Me a Sign."

The renditions of five unique and inspiring vocalists appear on the album, including the late, great international talent Warren Wiebe on "Show Me a Sign." The lineup features some of San Diego's finest vocalists: Leonard Tucker, Keni Yarbro, John Toomey, and Tony Davis. A self-described perfectionist, Easton wrote, arranged and produced all of the tracks on this disc himself to meet his own exacting standards.
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On My Way | Show Me A Sign | Show Me A Sign (Unplugged) | This Song | Peace or Pain
When She Smiles | When You Tell Me | Cravin | Little One | Will You Stay

"Nylon & Steel"  
Nylon and Steel is an instrumental album that showcases Easton's acoustic guitar virtuosity and exceptional composition on both steel-string and nylon-string guitars over its 10 tracks. Pop jazz yes, but not your generic, cookie-cutter smooth jazz release by any means. Nylon and Steel makes for great easy listening or background music.

The opening nylon-string acoustic track "Lullaby for Leslie" creates a soothing mood with an upbeat sound all its own. The instrumental version of "When You Tell Me 'I Love You'" (the vocal version appears on Snapshots) features Easton's tasty melodic riffs. Another highlight is the steel-string "Entice Me," which is one of the more up-tempo, jazzy tracks on the album.
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Entice Me | Lullaby for Leslie | On My Way (instrumental) | Kari | Morning Glory
Ocean Beach Sunset | Suite 448 | When You Tell Me

Nylon & Steel
The powerfully adventurous instrumental album "11" features Easton on the electric guitar. Nine tracks of high-energy guitar fusion with his smokin' band! Influences coming through on this album include Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton, and Joe Satriani, to name a few!

This stylistically diverse, technically intricate collection lets Easton showcase his blazing talent. With incredible speed, yet not relying on a whole stack of effects, Easton uses his fingers to produce a stunning variety of tasty licks that rip it up on "Orange Roughy," "El Niņo," "Coming Home" and many more. Easton's uniquely electrified but reverent arrangement of Franz Schubert's 1825 classic "Ave Maria" is another dazzling treat on this disc. The rich and varied tones are produced by his modified Ibanez guitars (Roadstar Series and Artist).
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Ave Maria | Coming Home | El Niņo | Red Snapper
Freeway | Funk Me | Hysteria | Just Before Dawn

"11" Album Cover